Background of the Office of Central Land Consolidation

"Office of Central Land Consolidation" was established  by the government realization that on-farm infrastructure needed to be developed for agriculture. Later,water distribution through the main canal, irrigation system, had been invested by government, as well as good could be transported conveniently. Some services were necessary for modern agriculture so that RID's request for help from Netherland was approved by government. In 1966, basic study and survey were organized for the land consolidation in Thailand by Netherland cooperation. At the beginning of 1966, Netherland expert team, from UNESCO, studied and reported the land consolidation should be started in the central region of Thailand as a model project in 1969 at Phak Than Village, Bang Rachan District, Sing Buri Province. It was in Channasut Project covering 160 ha and consequently expanded to a large model project with 1856 ha connecting to the former project. According to the project evaluation, it was found that the project was beneficial very much for farners, therefore, Land Consolidation for Agriculture Act, B.E.(1974) was enacted for land consolidation throughout Thailand as follow
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